fromAtoB GmbH

5X Organic Growth. Doubled Organic Transactions. i18n at Scale.

About fromAtoB GmbH

fromAtoB GmbH is a multimodal journey planner and online booking platform. Via a web browser or the company's mobile apps for Android and iOS, the user can search for a connection between two destinations within Europe. In the process making, all relevant means of transportation such as train, airplane, bus, and ride share are compared and combined with another, independently of their brand. The company was founded in 2008, and is based in Aachen, with another office being in Berlin.

Integration of

Verkehrsmittelvergleich was the flagship domain under which the original business model launched primarily to serve the German market, overtime, as the business scaled, the business adopted a familiar sounding name - fromAtoB. The re-branding however, kept Verkehrsmittelvergleich as a separate brand running on autopilot. My analysis showed Verkehrsmittelvergleich had a higher DA (Domain Authority) and the timetable feature had a large share of informational traffic that we made no attempts on monetizing. Therefore, I worked with the developers on setting 301 re-directs for Verkehrsmittelvergleich to which resulted in increasing DA from 43 -> 50 with a 5X organic growth and doubling transactions organically. The timetable feature currently being served under fromAtoB is constantly under A/B tests to improve conversions and UX.

The Future. Domain Unification and Headless CMS.

fromAtoB currently operates on a ccTLD level with siloed domains for each country. Ex: for Germany, for Austria, for Switzerland. Currently leading the effort in centralization as we expand to geographies such as USA, UK, France, Italy and expand to ther EU and NA markets. Working extensively on making the prime domain and nesting geographies under folder structure complying with the ISO standards of i18n by following the practice of /en-GB/ for UK, /en-US/ for USA, /de-DE/ for Germany etc so as to fully grow our organic market visibility by equally boosting performance of all geographies at once saving significant marketing budgets and achieving a strong ROI on SEO bugets.

Domain Unification

In order to truly scale i18n as we scale across geographies, maintaining brand resonance and content at scale is critical in order to provide seamless UX across the platform. Leveraging on a CMS solution where we follow the 80/20 principle where 80% is auto generated content is critical to provide users with up to date information while keep a lean operation in the background. Implementing a headless CMS solution where we serve content from a RESTful API to our website, mobile apps while building a modular website allows us to meet the demand we expect to see on a global scale.

Headless CMS