Rocket Internet

Indexation for Single Page Applications. i18n. Built crowdfunding landing page raising £1.1 Million

About Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet incubates, builds, develops operationally and strategically invests in internet and technology companies globally. It provides operational support to its companies and helps them scale internationally. Rocket Internet's selected companies are active in a large number of countries around the world.

Indexing Single Page Applications

Rocket Internet's peer to peer car rental platform was built with AngularJS framework for serving frontend content. However, understanding JS assets that are rendered on the client side is often seen as gibberish or not completely understood by Googlebot or other search bots. This led to valuable content not being indexed. Worked with the CTO to setup infrastructure that would collect javascript content as HTML rendered pages and serve to bots which allowed 100% indexing and substaintially increasing search traffic for the platform. Shared best practices within the Rocket Internet community and Berlin on how to index single best practices.

Leading Rocket Internet's first Domain Unification Project

Traditionally, all Rocket ventures tend to go with sioled domain structures such as,, etc. For the peer to the peer car rental platform expanding rapidly across EU, I setup a centralized domain structure nested under folder structure in order to allow faster time to market when expanding organically, improve marketing ROI, apply best practices in i18n and take ownership over content delivery on a EU wide scope.

Domain Unification

Built crowdfunding landing page raising £1.1 Million

Helped setup a landing page built using the bootstrap framework for potential investors to better understand the business model. The bootstrapped page was used as the primary landing page for various marketing campaigns to drive conversions and eventually raised over £1.1 Million

Headless CMS